Craig Mine Operations

Technica Mining is executing the entire operation of Craig Mine. Technica is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Mine surface and underground complex. The Craig Mine complex is a continuous operation with people, ore, waste, materials, and maintenance requirements. Technica is contracted to operate this mine and will be responsible for all logistics, transportation and maintenance. The Craig infrastructure is required to move people, materials and waste for the Onaping Depth Project, and Sudbury INO’s remnant ore and waste in a twenty-four hour, seven day per week operation. Technica is required to fully operate the skip and cage hoists.
The Project consists of Sudbury INO personnel and two major contractors. Technica will be required to communicate effectively and efficiently, and be able to make appropriate decisions in an environment where there may be conflicting competition for resources, all with the desired outcome of satisfying the stakeholders. This project had a short ramp up timeline, one month from initial discussion to take over on site, with no injuries!

Services provided