Glencore- Nickel Rim Mine, Ramp Twinning

Excavation of 2100 m of ramp and all associated construction work. The NRD Ramp Twinning is a portion of the overall NRD Project. This portion involved development of a second parallel ‘access’ ramp to the existing ‘exploration’ ramp. The existing exploration ramp has basic services established that can be used to support the development of the twin ramp. The development took place while the Nickel Rim Mine is operating and also while diamond drilling at the end of the NRD exploration ramps occurred. This necessitated coordination of access, shift schedules, blasting times, material delivery and waste removal between the ramp development activities and the surrounding activities. As part of this Scope of Work, some construction activities were requested such as ventilation doors, substation relocation and services installation.

Services provided