Maclean Bolter MEM-944 Gen 3

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Asset Information

Make: Maclean Engineering
Model: MEM-975
Year: 2020
Hours: 001.0

Powertrain & Drivetrain Information

Engine, Type: Mercedes-Benz 904 Turbo Diesel
Engine, Horsepower: 147 HP
Ventilation Requirements: 14,700 CFM m3/s
Axles: DANA 113 Limited Slip
Transmission: DANA 32000 Series 3 speed
1st Gear 2 mph (3 km/h)
2nd Gear 4 mph (6 km/h)
3rd Gear 7 mph (11 km/h)


Electrical Information

Electrical Service: 24v / 600V
Electrical, Hours: 001.0


Dimensions & Service capabilities

Length: 9010mm (355”)
Width: 3200mm (126”)
Height: 2440mm (96”)
Inside Turn Radius: 5868mm (231”)
Outside Turn Radius: 8763mm (345”)
Shipping Weight: 22,000kg (48,500 lbs.)
Deck Dimension: 8ft x 11ft (2.13m or 2.44m x 2.79m)
Maximum Deck Load Capacity: 905kg (2,000 lbs.)
Steering Angle: +/- 35.0
Max Safe side slope operation: 10⠁
Tires: Solid 10.00 x 20 Tires


Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank: 215.0L
Transmission: 28.0L
Hydraulic Tank: 235.0L
Front Axle: 17.0L
Rear Axle: 17.0L
Final drives: 2.6L (each)
Cooling System: 32.0L
Torque Converter: 13.2L



  • ROPS/FOPS Certified Cab
  • Door interlock switch
  • Scissor Lock arm
  • Articulation Lock bar
  • Lockable Master Disconnect Switch
  • Anti-fatigue Deck with mats (3rd Gen)
  • Spare wheel included
  • Solid handrails and double tray bolt rack
  • On-board Air compressor
  • Automatic Retract water hose reel with hose, & water wash wand for cleaning
  • Lincoln Auto-Lube system
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System (6 Nozzles – 30lbs. tank)
  • Ansul 20lbs. ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • High-Visibility tape
  • A.B.A. brake system unit
  • Check Fire System
Drilling Equipment:

  • Montabert HC50
  • SIG HBM50
  • Hydraulic Drill centralizers
  • Hydraulic Bolt Centralizers
  •  Split Set Driver Kit with Cust Supplied Split Set Driver
  • Electric Controls (ECO) (Discrete Controls on Boom Positioning
  • Scissor Interlock Circuit
  • Fold Away Deck Seat
  • Oil storage Bix
  • Diesel Hydraulic Circuit
  • 110 VAC deck receptacles

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