Wagner ST-2D

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Asset Information

Make: Wagner
Year: TBD
Hours: 3172.0

Powertrain & Drivetrain Information

Engine, Type: Deutz Air-cooled i-6, Naturally aspirated
Engine, Horsepower: 116 HP
Ventilation Requirements: 11,600 CFM m3/s
  • Front fixed, NO-SPIN, SAHR brakes
  • Rear oscillation (8⠁), NO-SPIN, SAHR brakes
Transmission Clark 3 speed, Dual lever Mechanical shift
1st Gear 3.0 - 3.4 kph
2nd Gear 10.9 – 14.0 kph
3rd Gear 18.8 kph


Electrical Information

Electrical Service: 24V


Dimensions & Service capabilities

Shipping Weight: 11,540kg (25,440lbs)
Steering Angle: +/- 40.5⠁
Tramming Capacity: 3,630kgs (8,000lbs)


Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank: 148.0L
Transmission: 17.4L
Torque Converter: 5.7L
Hydraulic Tank: 144L
Front and Rear axle: 12.3L (each)
Planetary wheel ends: 6.2L (each)



  • ROPS/FOPS Certified Cap, removable
  • Quick attach front implement (2yrd bucket or forks)
  • Remote capable
  • Full Fire Suppression System
  • High visibility reflective tape
  • Exhaust wrap for hot surface protection

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