Caterpillar M135H Motor Grader

This mobile equipment unit is great for construction or landscaping projects. The grader is in very good condition and can be rented out for extended periods of time.

Note: All equipment undergoes rigorous inspection and maintenance periodically.

Asset Information

Make: Caterpillar
Model: M135H
Year: 2011
Hours: 7845.4

Powertrain & Drivetrain Information

Engine, Type: Caterpillar 7.2L 3126B DITA electronic ATAAC diesel engine
Engine, Horsepower: 135 HP
Ventilation Requirements: 13,500 CFM m3/s
Braking System: 4-wheel tandem internal wet disc/ 2independent system air applied
Emergency Brake System: Internal wet transmission brake spring applied
Axle Integral Fully Welded Differential Case
Transmission Direct Drive Power Shift Transmission, 8 speeds forward, 6 speeds reverse
Tires 14.00 x 24 Goodyear Tires
Fwd. 1st Gear 3.6kph (2.3mph)
2nd Gear 5.0kph (3.1mph)
3rd Gear 7.2kph (4.5mph)
4th Gear 9.9kph (6.2mph)
5th Gear 15.4kph (9.6mph)
6th Gear 20.9kph (13.0mph)
7th Gear 28.8kph (17.9mph)
8th Gear 41.9kph (26.1mph)
Rev. 1st Gear 2.9kph (1.8mph)
2nd Gear 5.4kph (3.3mph)
3rd Gear 7.8kph (4.9mph)
4th Gear 12.1kph (7.5mph)
5th Gear 22.7kph (14.1mph)
6th Gear 33.1kph (20.6mph)


Electrical Information

Electrical Service: 24V
Electrical, Hours: N/A


Dimensions & Service capabilities

Length: 27 ft. (324”)
Width Over Tire: 2,490mm (98”)
Moldboard Length: 3,658mm (12 ft.)
Turning Radius: 7,194mm (23.6 ft.)
Blade lift Cylinders Height: 2,438mm (96”)
Hood Height: 2,286mm (90”)
Optional ROPS Cab Height: 2,565mm (101”)
Shipping Weight: 12,247kg (27,000 lbs.)
Articulation Angle left/right: +/- 20⠁
Steering Angle left/right: +/- 50⠁
Wheel Lean: +/- 18⠁
Max Safe side slope operation: 20⠁



Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank: 340.0L
Engine oil: 29.5L
Hydraulic Tank: 82.0L
Cooling System: 40.0L
Differential and Final Drives: 47.0L
Tandem Housing (each): 49.0L
Front Wheel Spindle Bearing housing: 0.5L
Circle Drive Housing: 7.0L



  • purifier / silencer with Firwin Exhaust wrap 
  • Transmission Skid Guard 
  • Electronic Shift control 
  • Differential lock
  • Open Operators Station
  • Canopy Optional 
  • Adjustable / Tilting Steering Column, EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) Control Panel and Grader Implement Control Levers
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System (6 Nozzles/30lbs. tank)
  • Ansul 20lbs. ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • High-Visibility tape
  • A.B.A. Brakes Ramp Tested & Certified
  • Adjustable operators Seat Belt
  • Sold steel bars fabricated into Y frame design
  • Solid Beam Constructed
  • One-piece Forged circle with 4 shoes for vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Replaceable Composite wear inserts
  • 12’ x 2’ Moldboard with 8” x ¾ curved cutting edge
  • Independent blade float (left & right side)
  • Hydraulic blade tip
  • Hydraulic blade side shift
  • Hydraulic circle center shaft
  • Circle drive slip clutch
  • Blade circle limiters

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