Manitou MLT-741

MLT741 Manitou comes with a 121 HP engine coupled 5 -speed Powershift and a 150 l/min variable flow rate pump. Agricultural profile tires, high ground clearance (44 cm) ensure you can work on the most difficult ground conditions. The MLT has been developed to help you manage your everyday duties.
Asset Information
Make: Manitou
Model: MLT-741
Year: 2007
Hours: 5212.7

Powertrain & Drivetrain Information

Engine, Type: Perkins Turbo-Diesel i-4
Engine, Horsepower: 121HP
Ventilation Requirements: 12,100 CFM m3/s
Axles Turner Powertrain systems

  • Front axle, (Main steer axle, Limited slip drive axle, oil bath multi-disk brakes)
  • Rear axle, (steering axle, differential lock, oil bath multi-disk brakes)
Transmission Turner Powertrain systems – Mechanical Powershift     5 Gears FWD – 4 Gears REV
Tires 14.00 x 24 Goodyear Tires
Fwd. 1st Gear 5.8 kph
2nd Gear 9.4 kph
3rd Gear 12.4 kph
4th Gear 19.7 kph
5th Gear 38.1 kph (FWD only)
Rev. 1st Gear 5.8 kph
2nd Gear 12.4 kph
3rd Gear 712.4 kph
4th Gear 24.0 kph


Electrical Information

Electrical Service: 12V
Electrical, Hours: N/A


Dimensions & Work capabilities

Length: 2810mm (9.2ft)
Width: 2337mm (7.6ft)
Height: 2545mm (8.3ft)
Tires: Pneumatic 460/70-R24
Shipping Weight: 7,365kg (16,237 lbs.)
Steering Angle: +/- 42.5⠁
Lift Capacity: 4,100kg (9,038 lbs.)
Tipping load at Maximum Reach: 1750kg (3858.0 lbs.)
OEM’s Recommended Grade: 20⠁


Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank: 120.0L
Engine: 11.0L
Transmission: 16.6L
Hydraulic Tank: 128.0L
Cooling System: 18.5L
Front Axle: 7.25L
Rear Axle: 7.25L
Final Drives: 0.75L (EACH)



  • Telescopic boom
  • Bucket compatible
  • 4wheel steering
  • Powershift Transmission
  • 4WD
  • Ansul 20 lbs. ABC fire extinguisher
  • Longitudinal Stability Indicator (LLMI)
  • protection system
  • High-Visibility tape
  • ROPS/FOPS Certified Cab
  • A.B.A. brake system
  • Lockable Energy Isolation Switch

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