Technica Mining offers a full suite of services to meet your needs.

Underground Construction

We specialize in underground construction: civil, mechanical, structural and electrical. The infrastructure we build on a daily basis includes refuge stations, pump stations, backfill systems, shops, bins, chutes, muck circuits, manways and switch-rooms.

Underground Development and Production

We offer lateral and raise development, both mechanized and conventional. We are experienced in narrow vein and bulk mining for gold and base metals. We are able to offer turnkey cost per ton arrangements for our clients.

Shaft Maintenance and Services

We have a long history of shaft refurbishment. We rebuild timber and steel shafts, repair headframes, dumps and loading pockets. We install hoists, sheave wheels and galloways. We operate shafts for our clients; providing full supervision, hoist operators, shaftmen, as well as mechanical and electrical maintenance.


We provide engineering services to select clients. We specialize in mining engineering and perform mine design, due diligence, constructability and peer reviews. We have in house geology expertise for project evaluations.

Equipment Rental

Technica Mining owns a large fleet of more than 225 pieces of equipment.This fleet is maintained at our state-of-the-art 30,000 sq-ft shop located in Lively, Ontario.
Our fleet includes:

  • Personnel carriers
  • Electric hydraulic jumbos
  • 1.25 to 10 yard scoops
  • 36 to 40 ton haul trucks
  • Mechanized bolters
  • Scissor trucks
  • Boom trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Transmixers, concrete mixers and pumps
  • Electric lifts and knuckle booms
  • Various support gear

Contact us at rentals@technicamining.com for your equipment needs.

Mine Finance

At Technica Mining, we have a history of working with clients as true partners in resource development. We can offer unique financing alternatives to bring quality deposits into production.

Open Pit – Precious Metals, Copper
Financed a 30,000 t bulk sample near Sudbury, Ontario. We completed the mining and trucking to a local mill. We received payment upon completion of metal refining.

Underground – Copper, Nickel
Financed the underground expansion of an open pit mine, located near Sudbury, Ontario. Completed 4,500 ft of development, 75,000 ft of drilling and produced 330,000 t of ore. We billed on a $/ton basis upon delivery of ore to a local mill.

Underground – Gold
Completed a 70,000 t narrow vein bulk sample. Made an early investment in the company and in addition, took a portion of our fee in company equity. Contract included engineering, site set up, development, construction and production.
Delivered 8.5 g/t ore to the mill at less than 9% external dilution.

Surface Mining

The Technica Surface Mining Division offers a full suite of above ground site excavation and blasting services. The key features of this group include:

  • Open Pit, Quarry  & Surface Mining drilling & blasting services
  • Expertise in proximity blasting, near buildings and existing infrastructure
  • Industrial & Residential drilling & blasting; sub-divisions, roads & highways
  • Geotechnical Drilling &  Reinforcement installation

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